Dr. Andrew Milne BVSc

Practice Owner and Veterinarian

Andrew started his professional career at Mentone Veterinary Hospital in 2001 soon after graduating from The University of Melbourne. Andrew has always had a particular interest in surgical cases, successfully completing a further education course on the topic through Sydney University's Post Graduate Foundation in 2003. His love of modern technology also helps keep the practice computer system fully operational.

Away from work Andrew throws himself into a wide range of sporting activities including hockey, rollerblading, snowboarding, tennis, & mountain bike riding. He has also been known to relax a little over a good meal, movie, or gaming session.

Andrew is the proud owner of a toy poodle “Baci”, who enjoys the challenge of fitting a tennis ball in his mouth, and a high-spirited bengal cat called “Glacier”.

Dr. Rosie



Veterinary Nurse

Debbie has worked as a veterinary nurse at Mentone Veterinary Clinic since 1981. Over the years she has witnessed first-hand the many changes that have taken place within veterinary medicine and to the practice itself.

Debbie's life revolves around animals. She is a true horse enthusiast, competing and judging in showing, eventing, & dressage, as well as running the well-regarded Hollingrove Warmblood Stud near Warragul in West Gippsland with her husband Bruce. The property is also home to a commercial herd of Angus cattle, as well as a menagerie of bantams, a talking crimson rosella “Joey”, a major mitchell cockatoo “Holly”, a galah, and a much loved moggy called “Gismo”. Whilst not currently a dog owner, Debbie has also successfully showed many English and Irish setters with her sister.


Veterinary Nurse (Certificate IV)

Lisa-Maree is another long-standing member of the nursing team, having made the switch from dental to veterinary nursing in 1996, and gaining her Certificate IV qualification a few years later. Nowadays you're most likely to come across Lisa-Maree serving you at weekends due to her incredibly busy home-life.

Over the years Lisa-Maree has hand-reared many orphaned possums, kittens, and a white, deaf boxer called “Thelma”. She still shares her home with “Griffin“ the energetic Great Dane, “Miss Money Penny“ & “Jerimiah“ the two ageing cats, “Celeste“ & “Daisy“ the bunnies, “Tatum“ the guinea pig, and “Leornado“ and “Lubji“ the turtles.

In addition to the menagerie Lisa-Maree and her husband also have to find time to raise their three children. As if this wasn't enough, Lisa-Maree keeps even fitter by running everyday (pushing her two youngest in a double pram) and then teaches aerobics and pilates in her spare time!


Veterinary Nurse and Receptionist

Kim has dedicated her entire working life to veterinary nursing, tending to the animals of the bayside area since the age of sixteen. Although Kim has spent many of those years behind the scenes nursing hospital and surgical patients, nowadays you'll always find Kim at the reception desk concentrating more on the needs of their owners.

Over time Kim has owned many pets of her own, from horses, sheep & ducks to rabbits, mice, lizards & fish. Kim and her husband currently share their home with “Leroy” the Toy Poodle, and “Peaches” the beautiful puss-cat with a touch of Siamese.


Veterinary Nurse

Maggie has been veterinary nursing in Melbourne since emigrating from England in 1980, and became part of the Mentone team in November 2009. She certainly has no regrets about her chosen career, as she loves the ever-changing nature of the profession and has kept her interest by attending many continuing education courses. Maggie has a particular interest in weight management programs for pets and the care of elderly cats and dogs. Over the years she has bred and shown numerous Dalmatians, and currently plays a very active role supporting the 'GAP' program for ex-racing Greyhounds. Maggie has also extended her nursing skills to the wildlife of the Mornington Peninsula – her three children grew up collecting rose petals as treats for orphaned possums.

At home Maggie satisfies her passion for australian native animals by painting them in watercolours. She also enjoys plowing through reams of literature to discuss at her local book club - whilst her two retired greyhounds “Siew Mie” & “Abby” help keep the couch warm. In addition she looks after two exotic shorthair cats “Garfield“ & “Buckles“, “Omo” the long-billed corella, “Percy” the lorikeet, and “Pinch” & “Petratief” the little finches.



Veterinary Nurse (Certificate IV)

Tegan has certainly devoted her working life to the companion animal industry. She began veterinary nursing in the bayside area at the start of the millennium and has gained numerous qualifications since then. She first worked here at Mentone from 2003-2005 before sampling life as a sales representative for some larger companies. She initially worked for a well known pet accessories supplier, and then moved on to Royal Canin Pet Foods — hence Tegan is always full of up-to-date nutritional advice when it comes to feeding our pets and the clinic’s patients.

Following on from a break from the workforce in 2009 to become a mother, Tegan returned to her first love of veterinary nursing on a part-time basis. She also dotes over a number of furry children at home — “Jackson” the jack russell, “Jaia” the German Short-haired Pointer, and “Dodge” the bitza! Tegans’ height not only comes in handy when stacking shelves at work, but also on the basketball court in her sparetime.



Veterinary Nurse (Certificate IV)

If you frequent Victoria’s regional snowfields or beachside resorts you may well have come across Bianca in her previous working life as a cook. After moving to busy metropolitan Melbourne in 2006, Bianca was determined to start looking after people’s pets rather than their grumbling stomachs. She started volunteering at the Blue Cross Animal Shelter and within a year had found full time employment as a veterinary nurse at a busy bayside hospital. She studied hard for her certificate IV and soon became fully qualified.

Bianca joined the team at Mentone Veterinary Hospital as a new year treat in 2011. Bianca has a particular interest in feline care and behaviour, which she gets to monitor more closely at home with her two cats Buster & Tilly. Trixy, her playful Labrador-cross, also likes to stick her nose in as part of the ongoing investigation.


Clinic Cat / Proprietor

“L.B.” or more affectionately “Little Bloke” started life here at the clinic as part of a stray litter of kittens. He soon realized that the building was full of cat food and refused to be put up for adoption. Since that day he has overseen the comings and goings of numerous staff members, all of whom have fallen for his charms and being sad to leave. Although his favourite place is on his personal heat pad on top of the office filing cabinet, he can often be found at the end of school hours chasing students up and down Balcombe Road for a bit of extra attention.

His favourite past-times include ripping open bags & helping himself to food from the shop area, urinating on the nearest object when there's a tom cat in the building, and always managing to be in the wrong place at just the right time! But we all love him!